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After using Multicolor Products V.S. Controlled Variable
Comparison of the effect of Scramento on prunes and the control area.
The owner of a farm in Sacramento, California, is very satisfied with the effect of Multicolor Crop.
In 2020, Multicolor Crop and Multicolor Sweet  use exchange meeting. In all citrus growing areas in China, Multicolor products are well-known, and a large number of citrus farms are using them, obtaining a very significant increase in benefits.
Tan Zewen, Guangdong, China, owner of 3000 acres of citrus base in Guangdong, CHina. He has used Multicolor for over 20 years.

His annual purchase of Multicolor Crop and Multicolor Sweet series products exceeds 160,000 US dollars.
He purchased 2,000 liters of Multicolor Sweet at one time, with 1 million kilograms of water each time, and used it twice.
In 2018, when Multicolor Crop was used on prunes in Sacramento, the fruiting rate increased by 55%; the single fruit weight increased by 33%, and the yield increased by 106%.
5% of the branches were crushed by the fruit, and the actual yield increased by 101%. In recent years, most of the dried fruits were ordered by large supermarkets as fresh fruits. The price increased by 20%, and the actual income was 2.4 times that of previous years.
Bottles left over from Multicolor Crop and Multicolor Sweet in a farm located in Taiwan.
In some areas, 40% of local farmers uses Multicolor Crop and Multicolor Sweet, according to well-known local farmers.
Taiwanese farmer Dong Li (first person from the left) is very fascinated by Multicolor Crop and Multicolor Sweet, his Sakyamuni orchard, from the growth of flower buds to fruit picking, sprayed once every 7 days, a total of 14 times of Multicolor Crop and 2 times of Multicolor Sweet.
Taiwan's "Rice King" Guoquan Wang owns more than 70 acres of rice and has 6 years of experience in using Multicolor products:

     1/ Usually 1 ton of rice would increase to 1.2 ton in production after using Multicolor Crop. Density increased by 20%.
     2/ Using Multicolor Crop series products, the 6-year average net profit added value is 67% (this is roughly the same as the data of Taiwanese rice farmers using Multicolor products).
Multicolor products are widely used in various provinces of China, which is a successful case of high-tech products revitalizing agriculture. Guo Chuanjie, former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, wrote an inscription for Multicolor, praising the project's contribution to Chinese agriculture.
Harvard professor Hanzhong Liu (left) and Multicolor President Charles Uinn (Yongping Huang) who directed the Multicolor project.
Multicolor attaches great importance to cooperation and communication with researchers from famous universities.
China's authoritative agricultural newspaper "Southern Rural News" made a special report on the Multicolor project. The famous citrus research unit in China-Guangxi District Specialty Crops Research Institute Deputy Director Ou Shanhan introduced the test report of Multicolor Crop and Multicolor Sweet.

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