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Recent news about Multicolor

September 27 - 28, 2023
Visalia Convention Center

Multicolor served as the exclusive sponsor for the luncheon, where approximately 500 participants dinned together. Representatives from Multicolor addressed the attendees during the luncheon, expressing gratitude for their support.

Dr. Pawell, a consultant from Multicolor, delivered a specialized lecture on crop nutrition theory about Multicolor during the conference.

Many attendees visited the Multicolor booth for discussions, showing great interest in Multicolor's products. Particularly, praise was given for the fresh winter jujubes and fresh persimmons provided by farmers using Multicolor. Fruits using Multicolor Crop and Multicolor Sweet products exhibited higher yields, better uniformity, increased sweetness, vibrant color, earlier ripening, and improved freshness.

The conference magazine prominently featured  Multicolor.

March 9, 2023

Multicolor exhibited in the annual Citrus Show held by the California Citrus Mutual. Many citrus orchard owners showed interest in Multicolor's products and actively tried out free trials offered by Multicolor at the event.