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Some feedbacks 
from farmers using our products

1. BC Fruta Inc.
from Lindsay, CA

BC Fruta has its own independent citrus sales brand and owns approximately 300 acres of citrus orchards located in Lindsay, CA. 
Starting from March 2023, they have been applying Multicolor Crop and Multicolor Sweet. On December 8th of the same year, we visited the site to observe the changes. 


Orchard owner Abraham mentioned that he expected the oranges in the experimental area to mature two weeks earlier than those in the control area, which is beneficial for sales prices. In addition to the early red color transition, there are significant improvements in the number of hanging fruits, fruit size, uniformity, luster, sweetness, and hardness.

Some citrus trees even had branches break due to the weight of the fruits!

Abraham is pleased to have Multicolor promotional signs in his orchard, hoping to share his successful experiences with more orchard owners. 


2. Eric
farm owner
from Fresno, CA


Eric's orange orchard in Fresno began applying Multicolor Crop first from March to May and Multicolor Sweet fron July to September. He mentioned that the effects after spraying were very noticeable, with an increase in fruit set, especially a significant and uniform increase in fruit size, leading to a substantial overall increase in yield.


When we visited the orchard on December 15th of the same year, Eric's orchard had already been harvested, but he purposely left fruits on one tree for observation.


Comparing his fruits with those in stores, we observed that both the peel and the flesh of his fruits were noticeably more vibrant red, and the sweetness was also higher.









Oranges from Eric's orchard on the right.

Image 2: A comparison of the cut flesh, with the left side showing the flesh of fruits from Eric's orchard.

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